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  • Welcome to visit Jiangsu Kinghon Biotechnology Co., Ltd.!



    Jiangsu Kinghon Biotechnology Co., Ltd Since its inception, began to build their own corporate culture. In the development of enterprise material civilization, adhering to the Chinese nation's outstanding traditional culture, and with the actual combination of enterprises, adhere to the "people-oriented" as the core and core of corporate culture, and gradually determine their own character positioning in the exploration of the development of Adapting to the new era of distinctive characteristics of Kinghon culture.

    One, "Kinghon" purpose:

    Development of enterprises to create wealth Wealthy staff contributing to society

    Two, the "Kinghon" spirit: Zonta pragmatic innovation integrity and tolerance

    Three, "Kinghon" employee ethics:

    1, life skills criteria: self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-reliance

    2, the code of conduct:

    (1) love the motherland, love the League, love their dedication and dedication;

    (2) learning culture, learning business, science, striving for excellence;

    (3) polite, talk about unity, Caritas by, law - abiding;

    (4) respect for teachers, love young and old, to help the poor, helping others;

    (5) ground green, health, water source, beautify the environment;

    (6) Easy custom, superior birth, Shang Qinjian, build civilization.

    Four, "Kinghon" Ten concept:

    1, the core concept: "social, business, employee interests consistent";

    2, the industrial concept: "outstanding character management outstanding products";

    3, enterprising idea: "to the continuous pursuit of continuous improvement";

    4, innovative ideas: "Today, tomorrow is not backward innovation"; "tomorrow will not be eliminated after the day of innovation";

    5, the crisis concept: "work today do not work hard"; "tomorrow to find a job";

    6, the family concept: "Union is my home, rely on you";

    7, dedicated concept: "Union to create a happy life"; "I work hard for the Union";

    8, labor concept: "both business enterprises, but also business employees, so that employees and business growth at the same time";

    9, learning philosophy: "lifelong learning, team learning";

    10, the security concept: "to safety, understand safety, safety management";

    Five, "Kinghon" Discipline: to enter the factory gate should give up all autonomy.

    Six, "Kinghon" lifeline: environmental protection product quality production safety

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