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  • Welcome to visit Jiangsu Kinghon Biotechnology Co., Ltd.!


    Chairman message

    Welcome to Kinghon website!

    I am on behalf of Jiangsu Kinghon Biotechnology Co., Ltd and all the staff, expressed high respect and heartfelt thanks for long-term concern, support, to help all of our partners, customers at home and abroad and the community!

    Meet is the edge, cooperation is the edge I sincerely hope that people of insight at home and abroad through our company's Web site to further understand us as we know each other, strengthen cooperation and enhance friendship and close ties between the bridge and link to become our sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and common development and common The starting point and the opportunity of progress. I also sincerely, eagerly looking forward to the community as always, the concern and support!

    Chairman of the Board: Mr. Liu Jingqing

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